PRACTICAL BOOKS BLANDFORD PRESS LTD. 16 Hyde Street, New Oxford Street, W.C.I on DISPLAY, LETTERING, ADVERTISING, etc. Price 7s. 6d, SILK SCREEN PRACTICE By F. A. BAKER This book is of surpassing interest to all users and prospective users of the silk screen pro cess. It deals fully with all the known varieties of the work. Price 7s. 6d. PEN LETTERING AND PRACTICAL ALPHABETS Price 2s. 6d. SILK SCREEN METHODS OF REPRODUCTION Price 15s. Od. SCREEN PROCESS PRODUCTION Price 15s. Od. SHOWCARD LAYOUT AND DESIGN By EDGAR BOND Price 5s. Od. PLANNED RETAIL ADVERTISING By A. E. BLAKE Being a complete treatise on advertising and its application for the retailer, both for the small shop and the commodity store. Price 7s. 6d. THE STUDIO HANDBOOK By SAM WELO The quality of the material in this book is remarkably high, providing an inventory that will give an answer to almost any problem with which the designer is con fronted. The Studio Handbook contains 62 pages of modern alphabets 50 styles of occasional lettering 150 designs for show- card and advertisement lay-outs panels, masks, ornaments, rules, etc., making in all 232 pages. Price 16s. Od. PRICES INCLUDE POSTAGE. Cash with Order is requested. Books may be sent C.O.D. in U.K. if required. PROFESSIONAL TICKET WRITING By ALFRED H. HUNTER The art of ticket writing from start to finish, with numerous illustrations explaining in detail the actual formation of the letters shown. Lay-out, spacing, showcard design, the mixing of colours, stencilling, sand blasting, and many other valuable chapters. Instructions on the use of lettering pens com bined with a large selection of alphabets not to be found elsewhere. Over 20,000 copies sold. By BERT ZAHN This was the first book on the silk screen process and has now been thoroughly revised and modernised, incorporating many new illustrations. A work of first-class importance by one of the most successful silk screen operators in America. Deals with every commercial application of the process. By HARRY L. HIETT An authentic and complete American text book covering thoroughly the very latest practice in the art and craft of practical Screen Process. 256 pages 44 chapters no illustrations. Highly recommended to those who wish to keep in touch with the latest American developments of process work. A well-produced manual written by an accomplished showcard artist. This book has over 300 illustrations of modern showcards and over 1,000 selling phrases to choose from. XIV

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 154