CLEMENT DANE STUDIO MODERN PUBLICITY OUT OF PRINT THE SUPER THREE! THE EARLIER ISSUES OF ARE WITH THE EXCEPTION OF THE ISSUES FOR 1934-5 1935-6 1936-7 WHICH CAN STILL BE OBTAINED AT THE ORIGINAL PRICES CLOTH, 103. 6d., WRAPPERS, 7s. 6d. THE STUDIO LIMITED 44 LEICESTER SQ., LONDON SPEECHES-AND HOW TO MAKE THEM THE ART OF CONVERSATION MAY CURTIS, LTD. Spalding Hodge ORDER IMMEDIATELY TO SECURE COPIES BOOKS THAT ARE "BETTER" "THAT'S A GOOD ONE!" {Second Edition) (T An encyclopaedia of wit and humour, crammed with hundreds of funny stories, epigrams, and snatches of verse, for the after-dinner and confer ence speaker, the commercial traveller, and the story-teller. It is alphabetically arranged for instant reference. By THOS. H. LEWIS, M.B.E., Editor, Sales Management." (Post Free, 3 10) fThe business address, the vote of thanks, the political meeting, a social functionwhatever the occasion, this book tells the busy man how to acquit himself with ease and effectiveness. Con cise yet adequate, it is a practical guide that will save good matter from bad presentation. By STANLEY TOWNSEND, LL.B. (Post Free, 1/8) fThe good conversationalist is always the centre of the party both in business and in pleasure. This little book explains the secrets of the good-mixer who is at home in any company. By STANLEY TOWNSEND, LL.B. (Post Free, 1/8) The Publishers of Unusual Books, 2I BRIDE LANE, FLEET ST., E.C.4. Telephone CENtral 70I0 I90 STRANDWC2 Tele.TEMple Bar 8786*87 limited 'FOR OVER 120 YEARS THE HOUSE OF SPALDING AND HODGE HAS BEEN THE GREAT CENTRE FOR THE SUPPLY OF EVERYTHING IN THE WAY OF PAPER' THE PUBLISHERS CIRCULAR. I 909 DRURY HOUSE, RUSSELL STREET LONDON, W.C.2 XV

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