CIILIIUH ANI) DISPLAY advertising CII LII U It IN SELLING THROUGH THE WINDOW Mi Jnseph Hinder 50 illiislmliims in rolnur How, when, and where of colour appeal in advertising by one of the foremost exponents in the world, who has brought students of advertising flocking to Vienna to study his methods. A valuable book for advertiser, artist and printer. Size ii£ x 9 ins. Cloth 15s. Hy Harry Trelliiiuan An authoritative work by an eminent display man, with special chapters on display in various trades by leading exponents in London and New York, supplemented by about 200 illustra tions of window display in many countries. Size ni x 9 ins. Cloth 21s. THE STUDIO LTII., 44 LEICESTER SQUARE, IIIMKIV W.C.2 HARRY TRET H O WA N British Printer: The plates include a striking series of designs for posters, showcards and booklet covers, the selection including prominent British and also Continental work. Freshness and originality mark all these, so that the work is in itself a notable demonstration of the successful application of the right kind of colours in the right way. Distinctly a book to be well used." World's Press News Valuable to both the poster artist and the printer." Sales Management is a welcome addition to the sales ammunition of display men and women. It is delightfully produced and contains nearly two hundred large-sized illustrations of outstanding displays shown in Great Britain, Europe and America." Sign and Display Advertising Mr. Trethowan's book, though brief, contrives to place before the reader the state of display and its likely trend in the future. It should provide a valuable addition to the display man's library, for books of real worth on display are few and far between." XVI

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 156