MOVIE PARADE MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY 1957-8 You'll profit by these vital maps lly Paul Rotha Sales Planning Map Zonal Population Map THE STUDIO LIMITED SALES MANAGEMENT 21 BRIDE LANE, LUDGATE CIRCUS, E.C.4 THE STUDIO LIMITED 96 Monochrome Illustrations Mounted Colour Plates 15 Mounted Varnished Plates 44 Leicester Square, London showing ai a glance total Population by Counties, Male and Female, and tabu lating the numbers of Independent Buying Firms in 24 different trades (with their ratio in the 12 Largest Cities). Also much other invaluable information. In six colours. 40 x 30 ins., from 15s. 6d. and Newspaper Guide. At sight popula tion of Cities, Boroughs, and Urban Districts, divided into sexes. Tells if Newspaper(s) published and what type of newspapers. With other important information. In two colours, from 5s. 6d. Special price per pair from 18s. 6d. post free. Ask for free folder concerning these maps. TelephoneCentral 7010 From the Atonement of Gosta Berling Six hundred illustrations of films of every period from all the film-producing countries, including films little known and films of which records are scarcethe Cavalcade of the film from the beginning. A fascinating and absorbing story. If you become the possessor of such a volume you will hang on to it proudly and read and re-read it."Picturegoer lij x 8|. Cheaper edition. Cloth, 6s. 44 LEICESTER SQ., LONDON W.C.2. THE STUDIO AWUAI OF CAMERA ART There are prints from America, Australia, Austria, Britain, Denmark, France, Ger many, Holland, Hungary, Russia, Spain, Sweden and other countries. More people bought last year's issue than ever before. This year's issue, showing definite advance in colour photography, will have an even wider appeal. Cloth js. 6d. Wrappers 5s. 't.'iiSsz T'. :-'J f-fCj**-1 XVII

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 157