WATNEYS BROWN ALE Mil Coodness Mij CUIMHESS WHITBREAD CENTRAL HEATINC That's a POSTERS—FOOD DRINK 17 11 inw iiiiiniiiirwinini ffir advertiser Watney, Combe Reid Co. Ltd., London. Poster devised by Carlton Publicity Ltd. designer Edwin Calligan. printer Johnson Riddle Co. Ltd. Part of general campaign of posters and to a limited extent press advertising. Bright colours on black background. advertiser Whitbread Co. Ltd. agent T. B. Lawrence, Ltd. designer W. Lambert, printer Avenue Press. advertiser Arthur Guinness, Son Co. Ltd. agent S. H. Benson Ltd. artist J. Gilroy. Printed in four sizes, the 64 and 48 sh. in 10 colours by John Waddington Ltd., the 32 sh. in 11 colours by Sanders, Phillips Co., the 16 sh. by S. C. Allen Co.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 21