I man IMIHTEItSV AH III US DAS NATÜRLICHE KAUKASISCHE MIHERALWASSER EP YOUR EYES YOUNG! Czechoslovak!an poster for mineral water, advertiser N. V. Philips Co. agent Erwin Wasey Co. Ltd. Printed in photogravure by the N. V. Nederlandsche Roto gravure Mig., Leyden. advertiser Philips Lamps Ltd. agent Erwin Wasey Co. Ltd. Designed by Erwin Wasey Co. Ltd., executed by Gordon Laurence Studios, in two colours. advertiser Aktiebolaget Addo, Malmo, Sweden, designer Turgen von Konow. printer Esselte, Stockholm. An aid to distri butors and agents abroad. White strip at foot for distributor's name or brief message in other language. advertiser N. V. Philips Co. designer v. Stein. Printed in duo-colour by the N.V. Neder landsche Rotogravure Mig., Leyden. advertiser Film Popular," S.A., Madrid, designer: PedrazaBlanco.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 31