PRESS—TRAVEL WE TAKE OUR AWAY BY METROPOLITAN VK.»"» advertiser London Passenger Transport Board. A selection from various series. Top left and on opposite page a series to promote sale of season tickets by showing agreeable and easily recog nisable passenger types. A journey was picked for each type and the seasoncost shown. designer Feliks Topolski. Centre top and bottom and top right. To assist in selling space on the Underground. For insertion in journals read by advertising agencies, sales managers, etc. designer Flans Schleger. Centre. For national morning newspapers. Scenes unfamiliar to man in the street of work and workers. Bottom right. For leisure-time traffic, in evening journals. designer Richard Beck. Bottom left. Leisure- time country traffic. Each figures an animal in amusing or unusual surroundings, designer Griffin. keep trade moving!] Ate the wheel» o( tour btuiitM» turning hat «nou Consider the territory sajrved fay the trein», bate», t and trolley bum» ot London Transport. Here lire one ol the people ot Greet Britain. Hem too, a third c: talenble value ol the country A rich market. And them is ol well-kept vehicle» to oerry your most. «HHEEZ33HZEE» - best beech woods* dte Squirrel solemnly. hest unAer the sun. If you'it nothing else on I hand, you tuo, this morning, I shouUl like to I take you round, my little pUice down there. V/v beech leaf was never greener than this year's crop, nerer more icandescent.' 6Good sptÊi, the Chilterns- LONDON TRANSPORT bus in the bath London-Transport LONDON TRANSPORT The significance of litis smooth lid ran hordij have escaped you. It is dawn and closed, Beneath it there waits the power with which a master musician may bring the shadowy halt fee*. to life. Will the piano be opened soon, to ring out at the conductor s nod? Yn have wen it m I imagination, closed, to see it open you most come IB it yourself, you. for whom the MBrit is Waiting. flood music at first hand is no longer a pleasure (or the fewHotter means of 'selling thai more plentiful than ever, are now provided by

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 45