It REGENT - - - PHESSTRANSPORT b yv - AT f nil COMFORTABLE MOTORING BANISHED PINKING 42 l.U VEILS LEAP, BIT SHELL GETS THERE FIRS Yf y \OU CAN BE SIRE OF SHE LI Latl vaat iha Pt Shall ga HIPBUILDING C2.S00.000 TEEL AND ENGINEERING El, CI,150, RAILWAYS El,000,000 OTOK VEHICLES £400.000 Tha pi ptod MILLIONS Of TONS OF BRITISH COAI- OVER THE HILLS ON SHELL YOU CAN BE SURE Of SHELL Driving even the an»t ;omfonjhIe car can weary yt»u on a long journey unlets you choose your petrol carefully. The effects of rake a wise choice of petrol Do not bay yonr tprncnce at the pnee of discomfort but follow the emmple of invariably use Regent Petrols. PETROLS HIGH FOXCi. MIDDUTOU ffv TCIWALC. DURHAM Regent Petrols have to the highest degree all the qualities of a good petrol. They «re leaned from Trinidad crude oil, world-famoui for in quality They have the highest anti-knock value so essential for smooth running. They are specially refined and blended for nartmg, rapid acceleration and matimum power. There are four grade afTtcgcnt Petrols all British and consistent in quality. YOU CAN BE SURE OF SHELL advertiser i Shell-Mex B.P. Co., Ltd. agent Regent Advertising Service, Ltd. Top left. Reminder in general press. A popular series, for which Shell received a very considerable number of suggestions from the Public, designer: Edward Bawden. Top centre. Campaign of press and lorry bills, used in industrial districts to establish the contribution made by Shell to industrial recovery, designer Hans Schleger (Zero). Photograph by Peter Pitt. Top right. Press and lorry bills, designer Jack Miller. Bottom centre. Reminder advertising for B. P. Ethyl. designer Hans Schleger (Zero). Bottom right. Local press only. Each paper carried illustrations of places within the area of circulation. designer Hal Missingham. Bottom left and on opposite page. Informative and persuasive series. The latter inspired by surrealism combines reasoned argument with entertainment.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 46