PRESH RRESK advertiser S. Simpson, Ltd. agent W. S. Crawford, Ltd. Various aspects of outfitting, i. To make the public conscious that Daks were not only grey flannel trousers but were made in different stuffs and colours. Photography by Geoffrey Morris. Condensed Gothic makes dis tinctive typographic display. 2. Presenting high- class fashion as much through manner as matter. designer Hof. 3. Not merely a gift catalogue advertisement but to sell the gift shop as a whole. Used in high-class magazines. Photograph by Gretton Studios. 4. Another Daks advertisement attended by good results, and purchase of three or four pairs for different occasions to the former one or two per season and person. Selling and prestige work hand in hand. Photograph by Geoffrey Morris. 5. High-class London appeal, designer Hof. Opposite, a further example.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 48