■I mm Sw?>? Go to Sandy Lodge. Go to Gleneagles. Go to any course, known or unknown and you'll find the favourite trousers for golf are indisputably Daks. Their superb comfort-in-action, their non-stop shirt control are never so much appreciated as when a man's swinging at a ball. Some men choose Daks greyswhich are legion. Others go in for the whipcordsbecause they're so clean, so easy to brush. Hearties at the Universities like corduroy Daks. But these two players are wearing Daks in rough stuffwhich has so far won the medal for popularity. It is linen-woven tweed, light, cool and very fresh looking. Seven colours, including biscuit, grey mixture, lovat and dungaree blue. Go and see it. Daks cost 30/-, Shorts 21/-. From all good men's shops—or write to Simpson, 202 Piccadilly, W.I. When you go in for Daks, see the chart which shows all the actual Daks stuffs and colours. It'll probably inspire you to become a Daks collector

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 49