C, Eyes clear, provocative, amused. Eyes veiled with thought, mysterious, impenetrable. Eyes transparenl as the Mediterranean on a summer day. All the life of the face is in the eyes. They are the first featutf to show fatigue from overwork or too much gaiety, strain from wind and weather, the bitter hint o! coming age. They must be cared for always and never more so than these first days of winter-into-spring n i Begin and end your day by bathing the eyes with Miss Arden's Special Eye Lotion. It clears, strengthens, soothes 4/6 and 10/6 Venetian Special Eye Cream. It nourishes the delicate tissues and muscles around the eyes. Pat it on gently and leave it on till morning, 6 -. For puffy eyes, use Miss Arden's Puffy-Eye Strap over Special Astringent pads. Afterwards apply Velva Cream, 4/6 Special Astringent, 9/6, Puffy-Eye Strap, 14/6. To lengthen and strengthen the eyelashes use Venetian Eyelash Grower, 8 6 For make-up, use Venetian Eyelash Cosmetique and vary the shades according to your mood and costume. Black, brown, light o< dark blue, green or violet, 5/6. To enhance the colour of the eyes use Ardena Eye Sha-do, again in varying colours—In fifteen shades. 4/6. tllizaDctn Arden Lto o

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