AYS i t Court J)res9 AYS i1! their ,AY lit a, MW9 Ntwfoni HEAVEN 47 FASHION SPRING E Treat yourself 10 Kayser Mir-O-Kleer in these clever new Spring hues. All in flawless Kayser silk, clear as an April sky, fitting your limbs like film of morning mist. For everyday try the new 3 11 's. For afternoon, the 4/11 's and 6/11 s For even ing, Sansheen Mir-O-Kleer ai 4/11 to 8/11 MIR-O-KLEER STOCKINGS Opposite page, advertiser Elizabeth Arden, Ltd., Lon don. agent Colman, Prentis Varley, Ltd. designer Francis Marshall. This page. advertiser Julius Kayser Co., Ltd., London, agent W. S. Crawford, Ltd. de signer Pearl Falconer. FOR ANKLES Sheer stockings are a sheer gift to the ankle You feel so smart an well-groomed if you make a habit of wearing them always. Why not You can get sheer Kayser Mir-O-Kleer in weights. All mad> clear, flawless si which wears like miracle. 3/114/11 6/11 and 8/11. Sansheen Mir-O- Kleer 4/11 to 8/11. IR-O-KLEER STOCKINGS If you've longed to wear Kayser Stockings now's your chance You can now get Kayser Mir-O-Kleer from only 3/11. Fine, flawless silk, utterly clear from top to toe, fashioned to fit like your own skin. And Kayser wear so well you can afford to wear them every day Other weights of Mir-O-Kleer 4/11 to 8/11. Sansheen Mir-O-Kleer for evening, 4/11 to 8/11. MIR-O-KLEER STOCKINGS

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 51