I'RESS V AIIIIIIIH 'You ve started quite a movement comparison with the ventriloquiai doll Ni fiJSÜlOJD the SERVICE having your painting done Make a Top left, advertiser Nickeloid Electrotype Co., Ltd. designer Illustration from model by G. R. Morris. Layout and copy by A. Leonard Morris. Used in trade journals. Comment aroused by unusual treatment. Top right. advertiser Dennison Watch Case Co. agent Siviter Smith Service, Ltd., Birmingham. Centre and opposite page, advertiser Paint Marketing Council, agent London Press Exchange, Ltd. Illustration by Seabright of Clement Dane Studio. Third year of campaign to householders. Ap pearing in National Sunday Press mostly, as the week-end is time usually given to thinking of such matters as repainting. The artist was asked to represent attractive aspects of suburban life. Bottom left, advertiser Pressed Steel Co., Ltd. agent Service Advertising Co., Ltd. designer Dronsfield (models and photographs). Addressed to motoring public and intended to influence manufacturers of cars indirectly by educating their public to ask for P.S.C. bodywork. Bottom right, advertiser Linotype Machinery Ltd., London, designer Herbert Jones, of L. M. Photograph by Hugh Francis. Pressed Steel Company LINOTYPE STEEL WILL \Iil

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 52