PRESSMEDICINES 50 THERE'S LABORATORY BEHIND EVERY LABEL\ HONOURS YOU CAN RELY ON, ifonsinG CRffl" advertisers Boots Pure Drug Co., Nottingham. agent C. Vernon Sons, Ltd. Photographs by Geoffrey Gilbert. Designer and Copywriter worked as a team with the photographercom munity craftsmanship. Selections from a general campaign to build up prestige by demonstrating the Boots system of laboratory control over retail selling. Photography used as the best medium for conveying reality and not specially staged but carried out in Boots' modern factory at Beeston, Notts. General sales show steady increase, particularly in prescriptions, which shows the response in public confidence. An excellent series in character and in design (except for the old-fashioned name-plate which remained a compulsory feature).

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 54