One Slip means Death! DAVID JONES' KELVINATORS VEKv ï<s, ,«s at £53/io PRESS—DOMESTIC 5i ROYAL PRINCE ALFRED HOSPITAL CHOSE KELVINATORSSO DID ST. LUKE'S, LEWISHAM HOSPITAL, ST. VINCENT'S HOSPITAL, THE WAR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, AND 19 OTHER NEW SOUTH WALES HOSPITALS. WHY NOT YOU advertiser David Jones, Ltd., Sydney, Australia. Planned and written by Harold S. Blake of David Jones' Advertising Department. Photography by Max Dupain. One of a series for Kelvinator refrigerators. But the surgeon rarely makes slips, and hospitals lake no riskseven in the choice of refrigerators. The big hospitals choose Kelvinators St. Vincent's, Royal Prince Alfred, Lewishain, St. Luke's, and many others in N.S.W. They know Kelvinator can be relied upon to work silently, efficiently, faithfully alwaysguarding against food contamina tion. Only Kelvinator, the world's best refrigerator is good enough in your home too. Kelvinator will watch over your food, watch over it better, at less running cost. The new Kelvinator models are just bristling with new ideas. Our representative will gladly call if you ring M 4404, exten. 376. FROM Sole Metropolitan Distributors of Kelvinators RADIO HALL, GEORGE ST. STORE. FOURTH FLOOR, CASTLEREAGH ST. STORE. PACIFIC ST., NEWCASTLE OR £5 DOWN AND MONTHLY PAYMENTS

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 55