PRESS—FIIOD lilt I Mi lts ka Uuio is a matter of geography Old Grand 52 "I he gintleiiuiH uishet to iipologi: MH illinws MOUIUSON I VK.\K.II (II I. ADVERTISER White Rock Mineral Springs Co., Waukesha, U.S.A. designer Peckhoff. agent Newell-Emett Co., Inc. 2. advertiser Old Grand- Dad Distillery Co., Louisville, U.S.A. 3. advertiser White Rock Mineral Springs Co., Waukesha, U.S.A. DESIGNERPeckhoff. agent Newell-Emett Co., Inc. 4. advertiser Park Tilford Import Corp., New York, agent and designer Charles M. Storm, Inc., New York. Appeared in Esquire and New Yorker. In this type of advertising physical presentation and the atmosphere conveyed by illus tration have proved of much greater importance than any amount of copy. Problem is rendered more difficult in United States because of regulations pro hibiting pictures of women in liquor advertising. Masculine atmosphere is given by photograph and by use of type, Greco Bold and Futura Demibold with hand-lettering. 5. advertiser Seagram Distillers Corp. agent Cecil, Warwick Legler, New York. designer Arthur Deerson. Prestige campaign in national magazines, employing colour photography. Restrictions imposed by the Federal Alcoholic Ad ministration limit the claims that may be made in liquor advertisements appearing in United States publications. Prestige is the quality sought. On the opposite page is the same product as advertised to the British market, agent Regent Advertising Service, Ltd. designer Tom Gentleman.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 56