PRESSFIIHD IIRINK MANN'S BROWN ALE tC Guinness 55 S.vv^>\ I Mann's Brmra Ale, more than [the null - mall from Krfglaid' l ast Anglu. It not ooljr give* I stamina buikliiiK you up to fa [the wile because ii sparkles It's the MALT that matters The brOTn THE qaock c „„ICS»»" „lc« U" Play Titles bottled by Worthingtoit '"BOTTLE Have a glass «1 when you're Tired The memory of Doctor Johnson is perpetuated by Barclay's in their full- flavoured Doctor Brown i. advertiser i The Brewers' Society, agent and designer London Press Exchange, Ltd. Illustrated (scraper board) by T. Poulton, decorations by Hart. 2. advertiser The Brewers' Society, agent London Press Ex change, Ltd. Drawing by Clement Dane Studios. 3. advertiser Mann, Crossman Paulin, Ltd. agent Everett Jones Delamere, Ltd. (for merly Siviters, Ltd.). Part of campaign in cluding press, bus sides, hand bills, window display. Increase in sales over period higher than for many years past. 4. advertiser Worthington. agent W. S. Crawford, Ltd. Drawing by Bailey. Excellent public reaction shown by appreciative letters. When this cam paign was stopped some time ago the public clamoured for its renewal. Goodwill gained by amusing the public in the absence of a specific selling story. 5. advertiser Arthur Guinness Son Co., Ltd. agent S. H. Benson, Ltd. 6. advertiser: Barclay,Perkins, agent: Lon don Press Exchange, Ltd.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 59