Or&iïtó GROW with a Mills ke Cream PKESSMECHANICAL 56 11-7.'i crawl Jong on a .una!/ margin of profil when, by installing a Mills Counter he Cream Frtczcr. y,u ought to be able to increase your present ice cream profits about iOO' II 'by be satispeJ with your present ice cream sales, when experience shows that nearly all freezer owners double their ice cream sales—and many increase them .500', and 0011', after installing a freezer? Mills Novelty Company makes the world's large<1 hue of counter freezers. Our freezers are sturdy, efficient, modern: thousands of up- to-date merchants—among them the most famous names hi retailing—ate using Mills Freezer with spectacular success. Write for our popular Free Catalog "BIGGER ICF CREAM PROFITS. Mills Son-It, Company, a 100 VuHerton Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. Treezer! if the many thousands now in (y use hardly a one has failed to double tee eream sales for its owner. I his modern equipment raises your profit per gallon so high that ue eream becomes the chit j cause of your store s success. The best freezer is the horizontal type, with extra capacity hi all sizes, made by Mills Novelty Company, a $10,000,000 institution, established sn<). Our nation wide service organization insures your safety and satisfaction. Up goes business when you install a Mills Counter let "kkr.sr ice cream promts" b«x»k Cream Freezer. It becomes your biggest drawing card, sKSI 1 "ft to chain >ro«v kxk your fastest profit-maker. Have you seen one in action in a J1"'* ANotoc.j. hv busy chain store- It turns out ncvcr-to-bc-forgottcn >ce cream, delicious soft ice cream, and that great rage of the present momentFrozen Malted. Quick, sanitary, neat>i"Ki.. recjuircs small space and is extremely easy to operate. Chain address ■store executives and local managers are invited to write us town for our new ice cream merchandising book: Use coupon, county... st.vm MILLS NOVELTY COMPANY, -HOC) FULLLRTON AVI-.. CHICAGO, ILL. advertiser Mills Novelty Co. agent Mills Novelty Co. Press. Magazine advertisements de signed to get requests for free book, run in trade papers going to druggists and chain store executives. designers James T. Mangan and David O. Green, James J. Mangan and John Averill. It was desired to make the advertisements stand out from other matter. This was effectively contrived by strong contrasts of black and white, and by calculated use of white space.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 60