doubles the life of stockings - 'V, CRASH! Just off for week-end visit to castle in Scotland Airwoman climbs into cockpit when pop - a ladder! "Heavens, Clare, I've only packed two more pairs. Wish to goodness I knew how to end this ladder problem." %wyk OUTLOOK IMPROVING: "I know how to check ladders, Pam" Clare shouted above the engines. "A grand way. Awfully simple. Wash your stockings in LUX." "In what? "In LUX It preserves the elasticity of silk then threads stretch instead of snapping when you bend." "That sounds sense to me. Thanks, Clare, I'll try LUX." it,**:*"- VICTORY: A month later they met in the Park. "Oh, darling, that was a marvellous tip you gave me about LUX" said Pam. "I haven't had a ladder since I saw you last." "Good. And don't you find your stockings cling better, too? asked Clare. "They do indeed, Clare." "There's nothing like Lux. I'm telling everyone." preserves stocking E-L-A-S-T-l-C-l-T-Y A LEVER PRODUCT LXI996-206-55

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 63