The Boss r PLYMOUTH BUILDS GREAT CARS PRESSVARIOUS Cahji 60 K i. advertiser: Wheeling Steel Corp., Wheeling, U.S.A. agent Critchfield Co., Chicago. 2. advertiser Plymouth Division of Chrysler Corp., Detroit, U.S.A. agent J. Stirling Getchell, Inc. 3. advertiser American Blower Corp., Detroit. agent Brooke, Smith French, Inc. designer Eldon Roths. Designer was asked to illustrate dramatically superiority of experience over in experience. Appeal to buyers of air conditioning equipment. Direct mail campaign tied up with press Fortuneindustrial and trade magazines). Effect on sales considered good though equipment is not sold direct to users by the manufacturer. 4. advertiser Standard Accident Insurance Co. agent Rickerd Advertising Agency. Effective photographic symbolisation. STANDARD ACCIDENT INSURANCE COMPANY

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 64