THE CIGAR It is no mere coincidence that a man carries his cigar next Dutch Masters to his heart. Badge of his majority-throughout his manhood, in the seclusion of his thoughts and on his far excursions, it is his intimate companion. The young man sees his dreams of conquest take form in its curling smoke. The old man in his easy chair blows retrospective rings without regret. In the good brown leaf is solace for the loser and exultation for the victor. It glows at the wedding feast; heralds the new born and turns to ashes at the wake. A man's smoke! Light a Dutch Master, the pleasure's all yours. 1 C and up the pleasure's all yours 65 Copyright 1936, Consolidated Cigar Corp., New York advertiser Consolidated Cigar Corp., U.S.A. agent N. W. Ayer Son Inc. artist Irwin Smith.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 69