PRESS—VARIOUS s 67 advertiser Aga Heat, Ltd. agent Mather Crowther, Ltd., London. Campaign in colour designed to capture interest by reproducing old pictures of culinary interest and associating them with the Aga Cooker. advertiser Owen of Berkeley Street, agent Mather Crowther, Ltd. Colour campaign suggesting unbroken tradition of craftsmanship in comparison of old and new. advertiser The Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd. agent Charles F. Higham, Ltd. designer Rowland Hilder. Object was to produce a striking and pleasing picture with a popular appeal in which the advertising element would be unob trusively introduced. Numerous requests for the picture were received. W'i I N* Jan Sum* «lm: .hare no A** took ere anywhere Indeed, ttr* ihrry an peopk who >'ill inhabit gtltn mediaeval kitchens without an Aga. Ik» (hey know thai they tuukl buy one lot a* little a» ttF l)o they know that it will burn lea» than AS worth of*fuel in a whole year» ■hat it will hake and roaat like an angel, boil ami grill like a demon that it will need fuelling only twite a day f that it will »n*r go out f that it ia already the pride and jt>y of iwcntjr tbouiaod homes?

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 71