E::isOi. I??»; John Cassell, distinguished writer and publisher, was one of the original directors of The National Building Society. The greater part of his life was devoted to the promotion of the well being of his fellows, which brought him into active association with the other Founders of the Society. The seventh of a series depicting prominent founders of The NATIONAL BUILDING SOCIETY JOHN CASSELL. Born in Manchester, 1817. Was appren ticed to a joiner at Salford, and came to London in October, 1836. Became prominent as a writer and publisher. His first production was The Working Man's Friend which appeared in 1850. In 1852 he published The Freeholderthe organ of the Free Land Movement and this was followed by a large number of publications of an educational and sociological character. He was the founder of the well-known publishing house of Cassell Co. Ltd. He died at Regent's Park, April 2. 1865. s ammMmMmm :==:imiiiiiiBiiiianBHKHHmiiB l|IIIIIIIIIIPM|R2 ■■■■■IWMWM ■■■■■iiiiaMitTn ilumMHSESKjtt HHHWM— an it nwr—nia ■KIBgdl ''f'i'JJtlRIlHliiiiiiiiïiinll MwiriilGHBIIIIllllHIMHllnl ■PSnüilIJmilllllllllllM rr: -.k ■niRKRCiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiii XrvjaajyiiiaajiHaiiiifliaii Mill Ill laBnuniBiiiBitifi mmmwllMMM IBHtlKl ■■aiaaafMKMHiaiBiiBia ■iiaaia ■■11 BailBIIBBBIBBiaiBBiaiamBBIiaBaBBBIBIBIIIIBIIBaiaBBBI ■BBpaaaail RBRSSKSs National Building Social}/ Founded 1849 ASSETS EXCEED 3 1,000,000. RESERVES EXCEED £1,290,000 NATIONAL HOUSE, MOORGATE, E.C.2 GENERAL MANAGER: R. BRUCE WYCHERLEY, M.C., F.C.I.S. MET. 8410 WEST END OFFICE: 33, ST. JAMES'S STREET, S.W.I From a pot t possess c| Messrs. Cam Co. Ltd., J produced kind pernII

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