K FELT MY CHILDREN A FEW DAYS LATER NEXT DAY Ten for sixpence CIGARETTES 0 Phi/ and Gwen never stay at home now. What's wrona with us? Oh, childrenyou're surely notojoincf out? Why, I'vejust put out the cocktails Sorry, mater, but we promised, to qo round to the B/enkinsops and c/qarettes Frankly, I'm both puzzled and worried. Why not consult Aunt Lyd/a /Vly dear, its all a question of what ciqarettes you qive them. What they're suffering From is SMOKE-DYSPEPSIA. Give them Greys and it will all be different mum cocktail GREYS! These toppincj Greys are the makinq of your cocktail parties, Mrs Scho field /LIND WHAT ABOUT YOU! Are you, like Mrs. Schofield, in danger of losing touch with your children The best of parents are apt to forget that many children need to be coaxed into taking their cocktails. For this purpose there is nothing to equal Greys. These specially prepared cigarettes are invaluable for preventing Smoke-Dyspepsia. And if you don't believe this well, what on earth zvill you believe THE H z 5 a h 2 P Greys o Ph d u Ph w 2 c/5 w Q 73 ■M ►J <u bo a d 43 u X W <L> U Ph a o 73 a o <u 43 H w O a bp a o 73 O H-) O U a o o 73 bO H X w Q ISSUED BY THE UNITED KINGDOM TOBACCO CO. LTD., ASSOCIATE OF GODFREY PHILLIPS LTD

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 81