modern man j AKEREK ■aucHdoA iótKusiiK t<M) IxéVFOlVAM -?-e SZ^M BOOKS i and 3. advertiser Hungarian Rubber Co. Ltd., Budapest, designer Kato K. Lukats. printer Globus Co. Ltd. Covers of an auto mobile magazine. 1. The cover of an August issue, during which the number of foreign visitors touring in Hungary is the highest. The Parliament Buildings can be seen in the back ground. 3. Cover of a spring issue. Open car and strolling figures suggest approach of the touring season. 2. advertiser United Incan descent Lamps Ltd., Budapest, designer GeorgRado. producer: Globus Ltd., Budapest. Cover of a folder from a general campaign of Press, Poster and Direct mailpublicityforTungs ram radio valves. 4. advertiser John Lane, The Bodley Head Ltd., London. designer G. R. Morris. 5. advertiser Fortnum Mason Ltd., London, agent Stuart Advertise- ing Agency Ltd. designer Rex Whistler. producer Spottiswoode, Ballantyne Co. Ltd. Cover of a Christmas catalogue in eight colour lithography. 6. advertiser B. Jonker, Printers, Leiden, designer K. Sarloisz Jn. Cover of a memo pad on a gold ground. 7. advertiser Fortnum Mason Ltd. agent Stuart Advertising Agency Ltd. designer Angrave. producer: Balding and Mansell Ltd. Page from a golfing catalogue in one colour litho graphy. 8. advertiser Austin Reed Ltd., London. agent F. C. Pritchard, Wood Partners Ltd., London, designer "Fougasse (Kenneth Bird). 9. advertiser G. Harrap Co. Ltd., London, designer J. D. Evans. Book catalogue cover.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 85