Its 1 lm 9 Bedtime PROTECTIVE FOOD guards your health this treacherous weather Thank goodness the shopping's doneit's a beast of a day. The sort of day when you're glad of the winter- proofing you get from Bourn-vita with its four protective foods. Protec tive foods are needed this treacherous weatherthey guard against the ill ness and infection that Spring and changeable weather always bring with them. The PROTECTIVE FOOD you drink, at bedtime Down come the raindrops like dead larks dropping without songs the pavement's wet and sloppy and your hat-brim drips down the back of your neck. Winter's just about over or so the calendar saysbut you still need winterproofing. You still need Bourn-vita's four protective foods to guard your healthits sooth ing power to give you deep restoring sleep. You will be the better for Bourn- vitamake sure you have some for to-night. per lb. full weight 0 x 3 z u BOURN-VITA _o G 4-J CO <L> G <U S Iu U w O So w Q T3 X W G O T3 G O hS <D XI h H w O T3 H-) PQ X T3 oj X w C/0 I H X Hi

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