IIII 1)1'HIIHEK, ETC.—FABRIEK 85 i and 2. advertiser S. Simpson, Ltd. agent W. S. Crawford, Ltd. First specimen shows cover design of booklet for Simpson clothes. The designer, Ashley, had to convey a sense of Spring with the suggestion of new style in men's clothes. Part of a policy of sending out two booklets a year (Spring and Autumn). This booklet was well received by the agents. 2. Shows opening from gift catalogue, with colour photographs by Grettonphoto, Ltd. Lavish use of colour to direct attention to new shop. 3. advertiser Old Bleach Linen Co. agent W. S. Crawford, Ltd. designer Ashley, whose interesting development of a free style of design was here first demonstrated. Old Bleach were pioneers of a style which has become widespread in many different forms. 4. advertiser Simpson, Ltd. agent W. S. Crawford, Ltd. designer Ashley. Menu card cover. Design has developed into a monogram used by the firm for general purposes.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 89