HH OK LETSTit A VEL 85 KIDNAPPED! fc, MARIE MAJEROVA SVERiGE SWEDEN I. advertiser Czecho slovak Travel Bureau, Ltd., London. de signer Slavoboj Tusar. producer Orbis," Prague. The text, by Marie Majerova, takes the form of a romance withits settingin Czecho slovakia. 2. ADVERTISER Bastad and Mulens Travel Bureau in co operation with the Swedish Traffic Associa tion. producer Esselte Reklam, Stockholm. Mountaineering in Switzerland 3 and 4. advertiser Swiss National Tourist Office, Zurich. 3. Folder cover. 4. Booklet opening. producer Frobenius A.G., Basel. Ciuthoikrro- id. ot FRUITS, roptwwuod prtmarBy by rvJWr* C«»cho>lo»ak SUGAR •«- •clou fupvtatkm ak4 you wt*«i»d nm 5. advertiser Czecho slovak Export Institute, Prague. Produced in Czechoslovakia. Text pages printed on yellow paper inserted between illustration pages.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 90