BUILDING CENTRE SWIMMING BATH STILL MORE PARTICULARLY INTERNALLY CRITTALL SUB-LIGHT WINDOWS Crittail Standard Windows incorporating a fixed light at the clll, are now available in most of the normal types. The main advan tages of the "Sub-light" are that it enables windows of greater light area to be used in flats, without the inconvenience of a low ventilator «ill. With Sub-lights furniture may stand in front of windows without interfering with access to the window fittings, the danger of anything falling out is reduced# to the minimum, and the cill itself becomes a useful place on which flowers, etc., -can be put without danger of being blown overa space which would otherwise be wasted. Crittail Sub-light Windows are eminently suitable for use with window boxes. The illustration opposite shows a Crittail Sub-light Window, type D2FH/S, with sliding stay and projecting hinges for easy cleaning. advertiser Nobel Chemical Finishes, Ltd. de signer Serge Chermayeff, F.R.I.B.A. Prestige ad vertising to architects and others interested in decoration. One of a series of books. Direct response was observed and better results than attained by any previous advertising. To appeal to architects, format and layout was kept simple and free from frills. Gill type preserved formal character. Cover in trans parent celluloid overprinted in colour, spirax binding. 2. advertiser The Building Centre, London. Exhibition guide designed by H. A. W. Thomas incorporating society's badge. 3. advertiser General Motors, Stockholm (Opel cars), agent Esselte Reklam, Stockholm, designer Georg Ohlson. Cover of brochure adapting Opel trade mark. 4. advertiser Crittail Manufacturing Co. designer Crittail Publicity Department. Catalogue directed to Housing Authorities. Designed to be convincing both to technical and non-technical people. One item of some thirty current Crittail publications.

Modern Publicity en | 1937 | | page 98