v&m DANSK Cf* .ly I-L SKIFER, B0LGEPIADER BEKL/EDNINGSPLADER Section compiled by HARLANG TOKSVIG Copenhagen The near kinship of Denmark to the Anglo-Saxon world is seen in the high standard of the Press in these countries. Newspapers are here developed to a far greater degree than in the larger Continental countries and closely approximate to corresponding journals in Great Britain and America both as regards printing, paper and the amount of advertising carried. Due to the proportionally large number of newspapers, advertising in Denmark is therefore mainly Press advertising, while advertising in weeklies and monthlies is relatively smaller. Advertising by posters is restricted by the small number of hoardings available due to stringent regulations, and a recent law has forbidden the use of all outdoor advertising which may mar the beauties of the landscape. Direct mail advertising is steadily on the increase, and Denmark has many printing establishments of the first rank. The technique of advertising in Denmark has made large strides in the last two decades. The trade offensive of the United States in the European markets after the war resulted in the victory of the American school of advertising. Danish advertising now follows the same lines as characterise advertising in English-speaking countries. Undoubtedly this style of advertising also appeals most to the mentality of the Danish people. There are about 60 advertising agencies in Denmark, but only about a score of these are large-scale creative agencies. The introduction of modern methods by these agencies, and their use of staffs trained in England and America, has caused the greater part of the advertising work in Denmark to be diverted to these agencies. In latter years, special emphasis has been laid on mer chandising and side by side with an advance in artwork and copy has gone a steady development toward a more scientific and therefore more efficient advertising service. no DENMARK ETEBNIT The two posters on this page designed by HELGE REFN

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