LENGYEL KIALUTAS SCHLOSS RAPPERSWIL IULI-SEPTEMBER-1936 A MÜCSARNOKBAN N A P O N T A 9-2 Poland has alternated through the centuries between being a great, powerful State and a pro vince of other states. Since 1918 it has been the largest State of Eastern Europe. Its cultural life has a double rootthe strong, original peasant art and the influence of French art and intellect. This twofold influence is seen in commercial art as well as in other forms of artistic expression. The vivid, fresh colours of peasant art alternate with the delicate pastel shades characteristic of French posters. The best of Polish poster art is seen in the posters for Travel propaganda and for Exhibitions. The best poster artist is T. Gronowski, and others prominent are Wernorowa, A. Wajwod and T. Trepowski. The poster series for the Polish Institute of Sociology is very interesting and important be cause of the scope it offers the artists. It is a tribute to Polish printers that the standard of reproduction is high. CHARLES ROSNER 114 2 POLAN D 3

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 116