ANDERSON ADVERTISING SERVICE POSTERS Don't exaggerate. Say that we base our work on a constant study of human nature, and produce adver tisements that are good but not too clever I suppose that is the reason why our clients appreciate our work for them. One client told me You people are sound instead of being spectacular LTD POLEBROOK HOUSE GOLDEN SQUARE LONDON W.I etzylwne C JettatcL 713Q advertising. Their second advertisement, on the subject of clean Milk, created a sensation, was first refused by many newspapers, later widely published in modified form. A sign of the times was an advertisement on the subject of A.R.P., designed, issued and paid for by Cecil D. NOTLEY to call Home Office attention, as he explained, to the value of press advertising in A.R.P. propaganda. In no sense do the foregoing notes and comments pre tend to furnish a directory of Advertising Agencies nor can it be claimed that every important campaign has been referred to. The Editors of Modern Publicity and Art and Industry are always ready, however, to advise advertisers or intending advertisers on the choice of an agency. There were few outstanding posters during the period under review. Does this mean a shortage of artists or a shortsightedness of advertisers Both artists and ad vertisers tend too often to imitation rather than creation. How many students ambitiously begin by tackling a Shell poster in the McKnight-Kauffer manner (East year's manner, for that genius contrives to outstrip his imitators How many advertisers have anything but the courage of their competitor's convictions At least one new star appeared, however. A poster for L.C.C. Classes and several projected designs by A. GAMES appeared in Art and IndustryAugust 1937. This young artist was then commissioned to do this year's Cleveland Discol poster (printed by Weiner)a racing driver at the wheel. Art and IndustryJune, 1938). Otherwise, the posters of the year were mainly by the old stagers. McKNIGHT KAUFFER achieved one of the most successful of the Shellseries, To visit Britain's landmarks," and a striking poster for Gas Light and Coke Co., London Can Double its Winter Sun shine." ECKERSLEY LOMBERS was active for L.P.T.B. and Shell." ZERO, KRABER and JAMES FITTON also produced characteristic posters for L.P.T.B. Separate articles would be needed to deal with the full range of posters issued by those two great patrons of commercial artL.P.T.B. and Shell-Mex B.P. (The latter organisation showed five years' work at a most successful and inspiring Exhibition including posters by TOM GENTLEMAN, ECKERSLEY LOMBERS, BRIDGET WORKMAN, CEDRIC MORRIS, TRISTRAM HILLIER, GRAHAM SUTHERLAND, IAN BRINK- WORTH, EDWIN CALLIGAN, ROSEMARY and CLIFFORD ELLIS, EDWARD BAWDEN, DENIS CONSTANDUROS, KRABER, and, of course, McKNIGHT KAUFFERsee Art and IndustrySeptem ber, 1938) but both also used many artists not primarily poster artists. TOM PURVIS maintained his reputation with posters for L.N.E.R., C.P.R., etc. SEP SCOTT'S best effort was the Philips Lamps poster showing a baby with large spectacles on its forehead, Keep Your Eyes Young." FRED TAYLOR was another familiar name in evidence with posters for L.M.S. and L.N.E.R. ROWE designed an unusual and effective poster for B.P. EthylControls Horse Power." (printed by Weiner). An animated design for Esso Ethyl, a laughing girl at the wheel, was the work of MERVYN STUART. Posters for the Beer campaign, tying up closely with the press advertising, were produced by ASHLEY. And so established reputations were maintained. And established traditions were followedthe Guinness series, for example, continued with fresh variations on the themes they have made their own (issued by BENSON)the Bread posters continued to show realistic cricketers, MEMO TO COPY DEPARTMENT FROM MANAGING DIRECTOR Continued on Page VI)

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