A PENNY A DAY- FOR ANOTHER SHOP WINDOW That's the cost of exhibiting a poster in an Underground car. For a penny a day a car becomes an additional shop window, with the lights on for 19 hours at no cost to you. A million and a half people ride on the Underground daily. They ride in 3,300 cars, get in and out at 246 stations, live in 2,000,000 homes. All of them want to buy something from some body. Why not put a salesman—your poster—among the shoppers? For poster advertising schemes of every sort and size apply to the Commercial Advertising Officer. It will cost you nothing to enquire, it will please him to give you all the information and help you want. 55 BROADWAY, LONDON, S.W.I. ABBey 1234 T6N. 618.33 V

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 151