WALTER BIRD Kï (LèftWt MHÉ Si'JViC ltD holm coMhercis! irfisfs PORTRAIT, COMMERCIAL COLOUR PHOTOGRAPHY m 1J0 U'C'l J INDUSTRIAL DESIGN 19, Savile Row, London w i AND 1E< ercoor^ hio* ,Fy 1**1* TOlf' J0\uT jumpers, etc. (issued by HIGHAM)Worthington with an athletic cricketerFather Younger playing true to form another Bovril Prevents that Sinking feeling (issued by BENSON). Some of the posters that stood out from a mass of mediocrity were Ekco's "We differ, but never over Ekco," by GRAINGER JEFFREY; The "Times" series of photographs and letterpress the Kodak three-dimensional series, simple yet strong, They come out best on Kodak film." (issued by BENSON)the Mr. Mercury posters for National Benzole (issued by L.P.E.)Watney's Wall (printed by HORROCKS)Ford V8 poster without a carthe Scotch Terrier, "Aye and thrifty, too." another car-less car poster for the new MinxPersil's ghost, Goodness, I thought I was white We make no claim that the foregoing is a complete guide to poster designers nor is the list which follows a directory of poster printersbut merely the names we have most frequently observed on well-printed posters Baynard Press, Chorley and Pickersgill, Johnson Riddle Co., Vincent Brooks, Day Son, Waterlow Son, J. Weiner Co., Charles Read, Horrocks Co., Jarrold Sons, Ltd., John Waddington Ltd., Avenue Press, Fosh Cross, Ltd., McCorquodale Co., Ltd., Lund Humphries Co., Ltd., Publicity Arts, Ltd., Spottiswoode, Ballantyne Co., Ltd. (See also illustrated section "PACKAGING") Considerations of space prevent any attempt to survey the whole vast field of industrial design. In any case, readers seeking design service will obviously be best assisted by notes on the work of independent rather than inside designers. For specific information regarding designers for industry, application should be made to The National Register of Industrial Art Designers, London, which body has carried out an immense amount of most valuable research during the year and maintains up-to-date registers of specialist designers in every imaginable field. Enquiries may also be addressed to the Editors of Art and Industry, monthly magazine which illustrates and comments on every aspect of design for profits under the three main head ings of Product, Package, Propaganda. Raymond Loewy, Industrial Stylist, whose London Office is directed by C. Louis Otto, notes that lines and contours of both motor cars and domestic appliances are becoming crisper, less bulbous states that more attention is being paid to correct colour harmony in domestic appli ances and that, in this field, cast iron is taking new forms, successfully competing with ultra-modern pressings. From Loewy's office also, we learn that difficulties in the applica tion of laminated plastics have not yet been overcome and that synthetic glass for windscreens, etc., is still some dis tance away, cost being prohibitive. More manufacturers, whether taking action or not, became conscious of the value of proper design in their products and the main reason for slowness of some to engage designers was heavy cost of alterations to existing plant and machinery. Many clients of design organisations insist on anonymity. Loewy's work during the year, however, includedfour new trains complete line of 1938 Three Litre Talbot cars for Rootes Securities Ltd.Philco Empire AutomaticRadio (successor to the Peoples' Set department store refrigerator for General Electric Co.Purma Camera Otto Heating Stove for Allied Ironfounders Ltd.series of bakeries hardware for John Harper Co. Ltd. Industrial Design Partnership (Misha Black, Jesse Collins, Milner Gray, Thomas Gray, Walter Landauer) covers design in a wide variety of fields, during the year executed work for among others, Anglo-American Oil REGENT 533 5. TEMPLE Continued on Page VIII VI

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