years 1 Gold Award 7 Silver Awards and 10 Awards of Merit Consultants Ltd. 200 High Holborn London, W.C.1 Holborn 4853 Last year in Shelf Appeal's'' Awards for British Packaging, designs by Consultants Limited gained one Gold Award, four Silver Awards and two Awards of Merit. To this score we can now add three Silver Awards and eight Awards of Merit for 1938. Whilst we are gratified at this further recognition, we do not consider that these Awards alone can tell the whole story, since every design was effected within the limits of a strict budget and to satisfy definite marketing requirements. More and more manu facturers are being forced to realise the close connection between planned packaging and increased sales, with the result that there is an ever-increasing demand on specialists to produce package designs to meet intensive com petition and changes in buying habits. This is the work for which Consultants Limited was expressly formed five years ago. Products packaged by Consultants Limited, which have won Awards in the last fwo years, include Blankets, Food, Glass, Displays, Hand Cleanser, Herbal Products, Insecticide, Moulded Plastics, Paints, Perfumes, Pomanders, Powder, Sanifary Towels, Soaps and Varnishes, and ranging in price from a 6d. article to a 3 guinea luxury product. We would welcome the opportunity of showing manu facturers or their agents examples of work we have done or are doing VII

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