not only a new cover ADVERTISING ART a sparkling new cover but also new life new blood new world-wide contacts with pioneer designers new approach to the latest problems revitalised ART AND INDUSTRY shows Industry the value and progress of Design illuminates for Designers the problems of Industry month by month every issue an inspiration to those who sell Design to those who sell by Design and who does not or could not? crisp pictorial presentation expert commentary there is only one ART AND INDUSTRY incredibly only one shilling a copy or sixteen shillings a year THE STUDIO LIMITED, 44 LEICESTER SQUARE, LONDON trade agreement with America is concluded, we shall find our American cousins importing products of all kinds, which will be sold on their appearance and convenience features as much as on quality and price. Unless the British manufacturer takes, as some of them are doing, a long view and starts to plan now, we shall again be behind and lose part of the market to good design, as we have in the case of refrigerators and domestic appliances. If this matter of re-design is delayed, when the attempt is made to re-capture the position, the urgency of the situation will not provide the designer with the happiest conditions for the best work. In my opinion, it is essential that the Industrial Designer should have had practical workshop training, because his proper function lies not only in the re-styling of an existing product or the design of a new one, but also in the introduc tion to the busy manufacturer of the ad antages and economies to be obtained by the proper use of new materials, new construction and new processes of fabrica tion, wherever they can be used with greater advantage and economy." A completely new technique would create a sensation and none can be recorded as an event of the year. Two tendencies, however, were pronounced. In drawing, con siderable development in the use of scraper-boardin photography, exciting progress with the miniature or candid camera," admirably suited to the requirements of news-layout and continuity advertising. Scraper-board possibly influenced line work generally, which tended to greater clarity and strength, making it more adaptable to printing on news stock. While holding the opinion that the battle between artist and photographer (if there is one) remained drawn, but that the work of both was more intelligently applied and often to good effect combined, we quote a critic of the year's advertising (Art and Industry, March, 1938) Photo graphy still holds the field what it may lack in clarity is made up by its convincingness. And for the general public the photograph has that air of actuality that the careful drawing often lacks." On the other hand, Crichton Studios say, There has been without question a noticeable swing towards the use of more artist-illustration in press advertising. The long reign of photographers is certainly not over yet but has, shall we say, rather fewer loyal subjects. Advertisers are seeking for a change not only by use of new appeals, but by the use of good illustration with, in many cases, novelty treatments. This has been allied to a return to realism straight picturisation of the product with a straight story." Perhaps the truth is that photography has been more confined in its application, reserved mainly for the dramatic news-type of advertisement (though there were such notable exceptions as the Worthington This England series and photography ousted drawings in the later stages of the Beer campaign.) Without any doubt the standard of advertising art was raised, tends to get higher every year. Regarding the first of the two tendencies observed, increasing use of scraper-board, notable examples of the use of this technique were seen in the advertising of Austin Reed, Fifty Shilling Tailors, Beer Campaign while handled by L.P.E. For clarity of line work, we instance the Gas campaign, Bentley's drawings for Shell and Abdulla Cool- tipt, many advertisements in Greys later series. On the use of the miniature camera, we quote Studio Briggs In the last twelve months undoubtedly the major development has been further investigations into the scope of the precision miniature camera. (including Photography) {Continued on Page XII)

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