Ma turn 496 MONOTYPE TYPE FACES CUT BY THE MONOTYPE CORPORATION LIMITED INCLUDE ALBERTUS TITLING, DISPLAYED HERE, AND G.P.O. series referred to were produced by men, such as Ashley, who are more than typographers. One of the display types most in evidence in advertise ments during the year was CARTOON (Bauer Type- foundry). Created, as the introduction to the specimen says, to meet the special requirements of modern technique by a New York advertising designer, it was eagerly appropriated by the specialists in strip-cartoon advertising and filled their balloons admirably. It has the freedom of hand-lettering, yet strikes no discord in the typographic tempois informal and conversational and lends itself especially to single-column headings. Other Bauer display types much in vogue were WEISS, FUTURA and BETON (see Art and Industry, August 1938). The Bauer Typefoundry (represented in England by Soldans Ltd.) which celebrated its centenary in 1937, continued to exert a lively influence on English publicity typography. Stephenson, Blake Co. Ltd. revived two old types, the beautiful MARINA SCRIPT and the not-so-beautiful but, nevertheless, useful THORNE SHADED. TEMPEST TITLING (The Fanfare Press and Monotype Corporation) designed by Berthold Wolpe for Gollancz has so far been chiefly employed for book-jackets, but is likely to find a wider application. Monotype also introduced TEMPLE SCRIPT and PERPETUA LIGHT TITLING, the former more likely to find favour than the latter. SLIMBACK (Deberny Peignot, Paris) became fashionable for the more exclusive literature and, used with discretion, is a valuable addition to display types that convey the atmosphere of luxury and quality. BESSEMER (Stevens, Shanks) came as the English variant of SLIMBACK, though it is so similar as to be hardly a variant. SCARAB (Stephenson, Blake), very similar to ROCKWELL, MEMPHIS, BETON, etc., swelled the ranks of the Egyptians. Stephenson, Blake Co. Ltd., by the way, made clearly known during the year the legitimacy of their claim to have inherited the Caslon Type Foundry and its long and honourable traditions. GILLIES GOTHIC, TRAFTON and LEGEND (all from Bauer Typefoundry) were among the many popular scripts, while ALLEGRO (Ludwig and Mayer) proved one of the most effective for display typography. It is condensed, yet legible and distinctive in style. A Ludlow script, named after the designer George HAUSER of New York, was introduced (by Martin J. Slattery in London) and should become increasingly popular in publicity, so free that it appears not to have been designed at all (but, of course, being ve:y well designed)restless as the age and fast-moving. With such types as HAUSER SCRIPT availablein fact a multitude of scripts and other informal types such as CARTOON previously referred toit is not to be won dered at that drawn lettering tended to be less employed. TEMPLE SCRIPT (Monotype Corporation) is formal, following traditional pen-lettering; but is quite a useful display face. OFFENBACH, designed by Rudolph Koch, came from Klingspor. It is a lovely face, well proportioned, and offers a scope for various types of display that has not yet been fully exploited. It is impossible in this brief survey to enumerate all the new sizes that have been added during the year to existing display faces such as FALSTAFF, PLANTIN BOLD, etc.nor to call attention to all the display types that retain a certain popularity, e.g., CORVINUS, TIEMANN, etc. Fortunately, however, the chief producers keep the buyer and user well up to date by the regular issue of literature and specimen sheets. The Monotype Mail and periodical productions of Linotype and Machinery are not only informative but always well worth studying by the advertising typographer for their inspiration. and the already famous Temple Script 455, and two new members of one of the most important type-families of this epoch: "Monotype" Times Wide 427 and "Monotype" Times Semi-Bold 421. If you are a producer, buyer or designer of print you may receive, free of charge, the NEWS-LETTERS in which all our latest sizes and faces are shown. {Continued on Page XVI NEW; THE MONOTYPE CORPORATION LTD. LONDON Reg. Office: 43 Fetter Lane, E.C.4 Works: Redhill, Surrey OVERSEAS BRANCHES—India: 8 Waterloo Street, Calcutta. China: 17 The Bund, Shanghai. Australia: 319 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, N.S.W. South Africa: Monotype Machinery S.ALtd., 6 and 7 Boston House, Strand Street, Cape Town. New Zealand C. J. Morrison CRepresentative210 Madras Street, Christchurch. REGISTERED TRADE MARK: DISPLAY MATRICES AVAILABLE ON LOAN TO USERS AT NOMINAL RATES XIV

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