mm VIRTUES OF FINE PAPER in the Printer's budget. Experience proves that cheap paper, far from being an economy at the expense of fine impression, often adds to final costs, and destroys profit, through troubles and failures in press-room performance. So on both counts the glory of the craft and the prosperity of the craftsman - Good Paper is the Printer's true interpreter and friend. It is in the general interest of the trade to ensure the specification of those grades which bring prestige as well as profit to its members. The gateway range of Fine Papers fulfil this demand of the Printing Industry. The gateway range of Fine Papers meet every requirement for every branch of printing. They are distinguished in the trade by virtue of longtradition in the highest classes ofwork. To be always at your best, and trouble-free specify a GATEWAY paper WIGGINS, TEAPE ALEX. PIRIE (SALES) LIMITED ALDGATE HOUSE, 46-58 MANSELL STREET LONDON, E.l Js GATEWAY PAPERS WIGGINS TEAPE ^APER IS THE LARGEST SINGLE ITEM Fully-matured stocks are quickly accessible in London and Provincial Warehouses—Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, Newcastle, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin. XV

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 161