not for elephants e.g. QFFHAND, we cannot think of any Studio Publication suitable fox- selling elephants— white or otherwise. Shrewd advertisers and advertising agents know all about problems of waste circulation and 4 fitness for purposewhen selecting media. Some products sell in their millions, others in their tens of thousands, in their thousands antl yet others well, elephants for instance Each Studio Publication in its own field has its following of tens of thousands all enthusiasts. Their enthusiasm and their loyalty can, by appropriate advertising, be captured for appropriate goods and services THE STUDIO, monthly Magazine of Beauty," goes to people with the leisure to read it and the means to surround themselves with comfort and luxury. In their homes and for their travels they are prospects for quality goods and trouble-saving services. Mainly they are people who make an art of living. ART AND INDUSTRY, monthly magazine that deals with every aspect of design for profits, goes to executives in and designers for industryobvious prospects for printing, process engraving, packaging, plastics, studio services and supplies, all forms of factory and office furniture and equipment, etc., etc.prospects even for advertising agents themselves ANNUALS: DECORATIVE ART:—year after year well over 10,000 people consider worth paying 10s. 6d. or 7s. 6d. for it to study and to treasure it, to emulate in their own homes the decorative schemes it presents. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY published at 7s. 6d. and 5s., is eagerly awaited by professional photographers and ambitious amateurs. GARDENS AND GARDENING:and who so enthusiastic as gardeners, particularly those who will pay 10s. 6d. or 7s. 6d. to gather ideas and inspiration (from advertising as well as editorial pages). And MODERN PUBLICITY the scope and value of which are plain in these pages. There is an unrivalled quality of production in monthlies and annuals, known and jealously maintained as the Studio Standard," that ensures full value and effectiveness to every advertisement. STUDY 'STUDIO PUBLIC ATIONS'—EACH IS FIT FOR ITS PURPOSE AND PROFITABLE IN ITS FIELD For details of Advertising Rates, all moderate, apply THE ADVERTISEMENT MANAGER, THE STUDIO LTD., 44 LEICESTER SQUARE, LONDON, YV.C.2 XVII

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