T 4 5 O O we&a6Sl*~ manufacturers per month read I I I AND THE PACKING RECORD ^°£''v;::^':tZ Catering exclusively for the packing requirements of manu facturing houses, Packaging offers a direct means of com munication with executives in over one hundred different in dustries. Through its columns advertisers are enabled to reach a variety of trades simultane ously—through the one paper at one advertisement rate. The fact that many manu facturers of packing material whose advertisements appeared in the early issues of Packag ing are still using its columns, affords solid proof of its value as a selling medium. If you have goods or service to sell to industrial firms, sell through Packaging." Its guar anteed circulation of 4,500 copies per month is backed by an A.B.C. certificate. Ninth Year of Publication THETUDOR PRESS Ltd. H Phone: City 3001-2-3 PACKAGING Published by Tudor House, 75 Carter Lane LONDON E.C.4 PACKING R.ECOC; MEMBERS OF THE AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS I XX

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 166