Each of the books mentioned below deals with some aspect of commerce with which you are constantly concernedwith subjects which have been put to the acid test of commercial enterprise. MAKING A POSTER COLOUR IN ADVERTISING SELLING THROUGH THE WINDOW LINE DRAWING FOR REPRODUCTION MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY 1938-9 The Studio Publications Inc., 381 Fourth Avenue, New York By Austin Cooper. No. 18, How To Do It Series. A book of practical value to the thousands of students and teachers of commercial art, and will repay every user or producer of posters who gives it a place in his technical library. The author is one of the small band of experts who have done so much to raise the standard of British Poster art, and, as well, the principal of a famous school. 16 color plates. 10 x in. Boards 4.50. By Joseph Binder. Explains in simple terms the reasons for the use of particular color and combination of colors; the psychological principles behind their choice; and the reactions they produce. 30 color plates. 11^ by 9 in. Cloth 5.00. British Printer The plates include a striking series of designs for posters, show- cards and booklet covers. Freshness and originality mark all these, so that the work is in itself a notable demonstration of the successful application of the right kind of colours in the right way. Distinctly a book to be well used." By Harry Trethowan. Shows the retailer how the limitations of his space can be used to best advantage, and the display manager of the large store how to use his space to best advantage and least expense. 200 illustrations. 11| by 9 in. Cloth 5.00. Sales Management Is a welcome addition to the sales ammunition of display men and women. It is delightfully produced and contains nearly two hundred large- sized illustrations of outstanding displays shown in Great Britain, Europe and America." By Ashley. No. 4, How To Do It Series. A successful draughtsman and designer initiates the student into the technique of line drawing for the Press. In addition to diagrams there are numerous reproductions of work by illustrators and advertisement designers, with analyses. 10 by 1\ in. Boards 3.50. The Times Literary Supplement The book helps to explain why some of the most intelligent drawings of to-day are to be found in pictorial advertisements." Edited by C. G. Holme, with over 100 illustrations from more than a dozen countries, including 8 color photographs. This book is included here because you will enjoy it. Incidentally, it will help your judgment of the quality of commercial photographs submitted to you, and if you read the information accompanying each plate, showing how the result was obtained, it will help you to use your own camera to better advantage. 10 x in. Paper wrappers 2.50. In cloth binding 3.50. 3.50

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