PACKAGES Certain work-a-day packages must take into account the display needs of retail stores, where they compete for visibility with other packages on the shelves. A fine example is the Canterbury Tea carton. Other packages must surround an article of luxury with additional and appropriate beauty. Good examples are the Cannon Band Box of towels and the Schiaparelli Shocking Perfume "dress form." A marked trend in modern packaging is to make the container serve a useful purpose in addition to wrapping the goods. Thus the neat container for Dixie Cups becomes a wall dispenser, and the Stetson package, wisely enough, is a practical, durable hat box. All packages illustrated won Wolf Awards. k Below Schiaparelli Shocking Perfume. Entered by Parfums Schiaparelli, designed by Elsa Schiaparelli. Above The most effective package designed to promote the product as a gift. Cannon Band Box. Entered and designed by Cannon Mills, Inc. Above The most effective use of two or more packaging materials in one or more packages. Below The most effective use of more than one colour. Sovereign Hat Box. Used by John B. Stetson Company, designed by Martin Ullman.

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 27