DIRECT MAIL By the tons, direct-mail is spread across the landand by the tons the average of it is thrown into the waste-basket. Unless Unless, it is so interesting or so clever that it must be read Unless, it is so beautiful that its receiver dare not throw it away. There has been great progress along both lines during 1937. Inhibitions seem not to bother the designers of these finer pieces. They have accepted the responsibility of being original. They have combined modern layout with classical typography and vice versa. They have designed as they pleased. And results fairly defy the recipient to make a gesture towards the waste-basket ,a 26 "u{ ft,I "r""rrf 'm$h kjokto Milt K. utitu, in «vmlfrn "W.Hhi "Hire P*Pit MC "tan-1 Three views of a booklet selected as the best in design at the Art Directors' Show. Designed by Egbert Jacobsen. Illustrated by Edgar Miller for the Container Corporation of America.

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 28