mwM 4 wtWW M moidde4e<Urtceac£y? k 'IAFFETAS NATIONAL 38 ^fiE 5. "Meunier,tu dors." from a series of cut- outsforchildren. "The Old Songs of France." Project by Tolmer. 6. Window Bill for Mariette Lydis, featuring an actual ribbon of taffeta. Produced by Synergie. Printed Makowsky. 7. Window bill for Mazda Elec tric Batteries by R. de Lavererie. Producer Printel. 1. Normandy, from a series of Menus, The Provinces of France," created by M. Bouchaud for Cognac Hennessy. Two colours, black and blue. Pro ducer Tolmer. 2. Project for a cover of Vogue by Jean Picart le Doux. 3. Cover of the magazine L'Art Vivant, by Jean Picart le Doux. 4. Magazine advertising page by Jean Picart le Doux. I Tisse 0£ RHÖDIA {ACiTAU

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 40