J THE efforts made to in crease Tourism, although relatively of recent date in France, have already pro duced interesting results in graphic art. The most lively of modern methods happily present the magnificent tradi tional heritage of our pro vinces. Undoubtedly France in a short time has shown her self the equal of the foreign countries which have set an example in this direction. 39 2. Small catalogue for Hermè's (saddlers). Printer, Draeger. IMap of Languedoc. Cover of a folder pro duced by the Reau- bourg laboratories. 4, 5. Travel folders produced by the Société Nationale des Chemins de Per Francais. Covers by M. Bouchaud. 3. Folder, jomt publicity of the traders of Place Vendöme and rue de la Paix. In two colours, black and brown. Producer, Printel 6. Travel folder for Champagne and Lor raine. Printer, Draeger. 7. Travel folder. M. Bouchaud. Cover m colour by 4

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 41