4. k I. Project by R. Bret-Koch for Henry a la Pensée fashion house. THE field of activity covered by the Catalogue has taken rather extreme directions. For fashion it is in fluenced by those magazines which are cheap but well presented. For heavy industry, it is often made up of interesting full page photographs of a definitely modern type. It is to be noted that the car catalogue, formerly a speciality of France, is becoming an increasing rarity. On the other hand, this form of advertising has lost nothing of its vitality, and appears in the most eclectic guise. From colour photography to a popular type design, even in strictly commercial covers, all means of expression are employed, emphasising more and more the advance made by graphic over decorative methods in recent years. 2. Winter Sports catalogue for the big stores Au Bon Marché." Cover in coloursEmile Allais, world ski-ing championphotograph by Pierre Boucher (Alliance Photo). 3. Pamphlet giving practical inform ation about the applications of electricity. Cover in two colours, black and bistre, by M. Bouchaud. 4. Catalogue of toys as gifts for the big stores, Au Bon Marché." Cover in colour by Edm. Perot. 5. Catalogue for the big stores, Aux Trois Quartiers." Cover in colours on brown background by Mariano Andreu. MATION

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 43