furprke All four examples shown on this spread seem to me to be good instances of press advertisements which surprise the eye. They have only got to appear in the papers or magazines to be seen immediately by the most casual glancer. The Tinling one by reason of its unusual texture—its sense of silken luxury allied to surrealist imageryevokes a sensation of avant-garde creation in the dress world. A powerful yet subtle symbol well-contrived for its purpose. 1 he Elizabeth Arden advertisement appeared in colour in the smart magazines, catching one's interest by the novel idea of having the figure in the picture write the headline. A few elements only, brilliantly arranged typographically, giving scale to the graceful sketch by Francis Marshall. The Worth magazine-page creates a sense of importance and elegance owing to a minimum of material being extrava gantly housed in an elaborate frameworkso contrived as to give a feeling of modernity while still maintaining the richness of traditional ornament. A striking example of an advertisement depending entirely on the skill of a craftsman in decoration for its effect. The Beer press advertisement depends for its effect on a space unusually deep for its width. The rhyme sheet form exploits this to advantage. Luckily, the key word Beer is able to achieve scale because of its shortness. The rugged simplicity of the technique is in keeping with the rugged simplicity of Beer. The rollicking rhymes suggest the conviviality of the Inn. 54 Advertisement Designer H. Schleger AgentJohn Tait Partners Ltd. AdvertiserTinling YIXiLBXTi 228 NOW HIlOWIXLi I1I.S 8PU1.\G coi^UEcri*sox AT. 3ÏÏS XKW. 8 IIANOVKR ST - MAYFAIK 3331

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