0** WORTH 0EER, H tTtCK TO Vi 55 Advertisement Layout: Terence Prentis. Drawing: Francis Marshall. Agent: Colman, Prentis Varley Ltd. Advertiser: Elizabeth Arden Ltd. Ooy re (ho twxd lot the nw spring «fount, gay on on Italian fiosla Bta» from thp ky ll*> flow»» gafdww. the Mnditunorwon. pinks and mu«vs. tycJomon and woloh. cUo' yvflow. and divp ysfcwr fn>m tb» gold of old jewellerythe delicate green of new leave*, at bright new grass, doop green copper reds and tvrracotto shades. You wear tliem in daring cornbmalions. your woor th»m with black, or grey or dark brown, and sometimes to break the severity of pure b'ack and white With them you use inevitably the new llizoboth Arden colour harmony make ups For without them their beauty and chk it logt O M 0 S T R E f T GROSVENOK STREET Wl Now sailor-men tie knots in ropes And climb the masts above 'em And look at things through telescopes And all the nice girls love 'em. With 'Rule Britannia' on their lips Through roughest seas they steer And when they terminate their trips They always BEER Advertisement DesignerAshley AgentW. S. Crawford Ltd. Advertiser The Brewers' Society Advertisement Designer Bernard Griffin. AgentEverett Jones Delamere Ltd. Advertiser Worth (London) Ltd.

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 57