;Yiru e CHyktbUty MUST NOT FAIL THEM The posters shown here all have an original approach to their subject. The Under ground Christmas poster above is particularly successful in concentrating on the Christmas theme. The triptych form is admirable. It allows the bracketing of the more complex word elements with large and simple figuresso that there is no danger of the message escaping its context. The air-brush treatment of the children evokes a feeling of tender ness and keeps the figures bold without being clumsy. The Shell and Ballet posters are unusual because of the way the words of the message form the basis of the design. A ribbon motif is common to both, yet each has an entirely different optical effect. The Shell poster uses the ribbon to bind the words to a new container (the object of the message) and, at the same time, creates in terms of a typographical equivalent, a feeling of fluidity. The shape, configuration and colour scheme of the ribbon give a feeling of power and strength The ribbon letters in the Ballet design, on the other hand, have the effect of delicacy and charm. The curious way in which they float in space is an admirable typographical equivalent for dancing figures and flowing draperies. The Orient Line poster is original because of its unusual use of new material. So many cruise posters have used conventional shipboard scenes, that they have made this approach too hackneyed to catch the attention. The work of surrealist painters has shown us how surprising the effect is when elements dissociated in life are related in a single composition. Beck helps us feel the discovery of a rare shell, by making the hand holding it an optical discovery itself. This wooden jointed hand is what first attracts our attention. Its association with the shell, and the colour background which suggests the horizon of a tropical sea completes the picture of glamorous adventure in contrast to humdrum life. 58 j&i f t't i leae/y /e/// Poster Designer Eckersley Lombers. Advertiser: London Passenger Transport Board. Printer: Waterlow Sons

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 60