XeallfttL Another WoUey Winner w e see so much realism in advertising defeating its own endslike pretty girls' heads over-idealized so that they lack the conviction of real lifethat I have chosen, by contrast, three advertisements which demonstrate the value of simple realism when handled in a straightforward manner. Each of these advertisements provides a good example of what I stated in my introduction, viz., that idea and technique are interdependent. Each could have been presented in an absolutely banal treatment, which would have ruined their effectiveness. Substitute a photograph less brilliant than the Nestle one, eliminate the clever cutting-in of the headline, and remove the balloon device for setting out the spoken copy, and the result would not attract a moment's attention. In the Wolsey sock advertisement, the fading out of the shoes to throw the socks into prominence is a good visual trick, which dominates the presentation. The dynamic layout of headlines, text and bracket creates an excitement for the eye which rivets attention on an advertisement, the subject of which is in itself unexciting. In the British Industrial Plastics advertisement the layout technique has extracted 60 SOCKS for slacksHave you fallen for the new coloured sports slacks yet If you have, it's useful to know that Wolsey Cardinal socks are now specially dyed to match them. You have a choice of thirty colours, including mist blues, corduroy greens, the latest flannel greys, black and white. And what socks they are for resisting the hole-boring toeMade of wool as soft as a screen-mother's heart, as strong as convictionGuaranteed not to irritate you by shrinking. And only 2/- a pair. Patterned 2/6. v It's greatIt's a front-page flavour I'll state-it's a real life-saver. It's jam, it's joy, it's girl meets-boy, it's grand It's a pocket feast, it's a meal at least, it beats the band It's a wow ten iiV- Just the queen of sweetness And how Full of good-to-eat-ness! Every tiny bit a bulls-eye hit, a dateI'm crazv over Nestle's Chocolate 2o,2° Advertisement LayoutAshley. DrawingM. Burniston AgentW. S. Crawford Ltd. AdvertiserWolsey Ltd. Advertisement AgentC. W. Hobson Ltd. Advertiser Nestle's Milk Products Ltd.

Modern Publicity en | 1938 | | page 62